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Issue 09.2018


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Issue 09.2018

Augmented reality is starting to seep into our daily lives with engaging smartphone apps and affordable AR glasses for both consumer and business markets. Customized hands-free solutions are popping up in a growing number of business applications from manufacturing to supply chain. But this is just the beginning. Given the attention and investment on the technology by tech titans like Apple, Google, Facebook, Samsung and well-funded unicorns like Magic Leap, it’s conceivable that AR might just become the next Big Thing within the next few years. Is your company ready to leverage the technology and ride the AR wave?

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Bruce Rayner is a Contributing Editor for SourceToday. For the past 30 years, he has been a keen observer of global business and technology trends with a focus on the electronics supply base and supply chain management. His experience includes staff editor at Harvard Business Review, Editorial Director of Electronics Business magazine and EBN, Director of Thought Leadership at IHS, and Vice President of Consulting and Market Research at Technology Forecasters.

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