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3D printing is saving large manufacturers time and money as it is applied to the industrial sphere. Even simple desktop 3D printers are moving from the Maker space to the Manufacturing space. It is important for engineers to understand how these process work, and how to apply them.

This guide features companies that have successfully applied 3D printing processes to their business. It walks you, the buyer, through several processes and applications, helping you select the right one – a decision that could give your company the competitive edge.

Machine Design Editor Jeff Kerns...

has curated a comprehensive collection of Machine Design’s best articles on 3D Printing solutions to help manufacturers fit the non-traditional process into their businesses. Topics include:

Open Platform Turns Desktop 3D Printers into Industrial Machines

Heavy Metal and 3D printing

3D Printing Tips and Tech: Get to Know Those Acronyms

Identify the Best 3D-Printing Process for Your Application

3D Printing Dives into Mass Production

With da Vinci Color, XYZ Printing Breaks the Code

Low-Cost 3D Printers Are Growing Up

Jeff Kerns - Technical Editor, Design, Engineering & Sourcing Group

Jeff Kerns studied mechanical engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), while working in the school’s Polymer Research Lab, as well as for two aerospace companies focused on drafting, quality, and manufacturing for aerospace fasteners and metallurgy. After college, he became a commissioning engineer, traveling the world working on precision rotary equipment. Jeff now serves as a Technical Editor for Machine Design.

This eBook serves as a guide to applying 3D printing to your manufacturing process. It reviews several types of 3D printing processes, and the many more types of printers. Hopefully it will fill in the gaps of your knowledge on the subject, and educate engineers and manufacturers on the rapidly growing field.

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